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08-28-14: We are at NC's Outer Banks again!  Wind was around the 25mph+ earlier in the week but has calmed down a bit now.  Me and my wife met some awesome people here!  Cath and Eliot Shook are a wealth of great information and the kindest people you could meet.  Visit them and there store in Corolla, NC when you get the chance.

04-07-14: Had some busy past two weekends...  We attended the 1st annual Spartanburg Soaring event and International Kite Festival along with Lake Park kite festival near Monroe, NC.  Both weekends were beautiful and skies full of kites.  Check out the gallery for pictures.

04-20-13:Oops we missed a year!  The man behind the BHK curtain got a new house and is getting married, so the kite production went dormant.  We just got back from Narnia Studios' Might Kite Flight 16.  Sunny day with a breeze every now and then.  Met a lot of new kite friends.

 05-16-11: Just came back from Oak Island, NC.  Weather was beautiful!  We drew a big crowd with our kites and gave away some to the kids.  Smiling faces and sunny days.  Check out the photo album.

04-24-11: Well we had an awesome time at this years 14th Annual Mighty Kite Flight near Asheville, NC.  It was a gorgeous day with plenty of wind and smiling faces.  Check out the Local News Article and our blog about.  We will have the events pictures in our photo albums.

04-22-11: For all of you in the WNC region tune into WLOS 13 where you'll catch us and Narnia Studios promoting the 14th Annual Mighty Kite Flight  It's suppose to be sunny and windy!!  Absoultelty perfect for kite flying.  See you there!

03-10-11: Ok peeps.  We are back into the swing of things again.  The site is back up and updated, (for the most part) and we have some new things coming.  Check out the blog for more details.

09-13-10: Hope everyone had a great summer!  We sure did.  Kite building is winding down and soon were will be going dormant for a while. Zzzzzzz.

04-24-10: BHK visits the 13th annual Might Kite Flight in Hendersonville, NC.  We were very excited to be there and had a blast with all the kids young and old. The weather was very uncooperative but everyone still managed to have a blast.  Visit here for pictures and this years article.  Mighty Kite Flight